Sepaton is the world’s fastest enterprise backup and recovery solution – delivering the performance and scalability to manage large and growing volumes of data, meet the tightest of backup windows and assure fast recovery in the event of a failure.

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Sepaton backs up 400% faster than EMC Data Domain, scales from 24TB to 2 PB in a single system, delivers industry-leading capacity reduction and is the only technology that deduplicates multistreamed, multiplexed databases such as Oracle, DB2 and SQL Server.

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Reduce the costs and improve the efficiency of your backup environment. Assure your data protection platform delivers the performance that meets your specific enterprise requirements. Sepaton consulting services make it happen.

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More than 3,000 customers depend on Sepaton solutions to assure the safety of their critical data, including some of the largest and best-known brands in world.

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For IT organizations that manage extremely large volumes of data, Sepaton delivers the fastest, most scalable and most reliable enterprise backup and recovery solution in the world.

For IT organizations that manage extremely large volumes of data, Sepaton delivers the fastest, most scalable and most reliable enterprise backup and recovery solution in the world.

Oil & Gas

Fast, efficient data protection for the oil and gas industry.

Besides producing energy, oil and gas companies are among the world's largest producers of data — through their diverse activities in exploration, seismic analyses, refining, distribution, marketing and financial operations. The challenge this presents is how to add the capacity and performance to reliably backup and protect this exponentially expanding data without buying new systems and creating sprawl.

Sepaton meets that challenge with the world's fastest enterprise backup and recovery solution. Built on patented DeltaScale™ architecture, Sepaton easily handles massive volumes of data, seamlessly scales to accommodate rapid growth and consistently meets the tightest of backup windows — helping oil and gas companies reduce risk and improve operational efficiency.

Meeting all of your requirements for effective data protection.

Backup and restore faster.

Our secure, high performance virtual tape libraries handle any size backup at up to 80 TB per hour and let you restore individual files or entire backup sets instantaneously.

Add capacity and performance as data grows.

Sepaton's patented DeltaScale™ architecture lets you add both capacity and performance as your needs grow, without forklift upgrades or creating silos of storage. Configure as many as eight server-class nodes for up 3.8 PB of high performance capacity in a single system.

Simplify management of complex information infrastructures.

Whether you want to consolidate backups from multiple platforms or introduce disk to the data center in a phased approach, Sepaton eliminates the need for ongoing management and support of multiple systems and enables a more holistic and predictable approach to capacity planning and management.

Plus, Sepaton's management dashboards and reporting tools put unprecedented control at the administrator's fingertips. Detailed performance reporting and capacity usage trend analysis help to optimize efficiency, project future capacity requirements and confirm backup, deduplication and replication down to individual clients and backup jobs.

Supports the systems and technologies you already use.

Sepaton integrates seamlessly into mixed server/application environments, open systems and mainframe infrastructures; emulates leading automated tape libraries; and supports a wide range of backup/restore applications.

Securely replicate data to remote locations using up to 97 percent less bandwidth.

Sepaton's bandwidth-optimized remote replication technology automatically and securely transfers data over a WAN to an offsite disaster recovery provider.

Learn more about the ways Sepaton technology, product features and full roster of products deliver bigger backups in less time for your safest choice in data protection.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Optimized for Big Data.

    Scales up to 3.8 PB in a single system – delivering both capacity and performance

  • Fastest Backup.

    200% faster than the nearest competitor. Up to 80 TB per hour.

  • Fastest Recovery.

    Sepaton restores from your most recent backup in minutes vs. hours.

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Energy Services Company

What Our
Customers Are Saying

"National organization cuts NetBackup restore times while controlling growth of backup environment without added systems."

American Institute of Physics

"Global biopharmaceutical company controls exponential data growth in NetBackup environment"

Biopharmaceutical Company


Sepaton Enterprise Data Protection Products

Series 1000

Series 2000

Series 2000e

Series 2922 
Usable Capacity 10 TB - 40 TB 20 TB - 80 TB 20 TB - 80 TB 24 TB - 2 PB
Raw Capacity Up to 48 TB Up to 96 TB 48 TB - 96 TB 30 TB - 2 PB
Host Interfaces 4 Gb FC - 2 ports
1 GBE - 2 ports
4-Gb FC - 4 ports,
1-GbE - 2 ports
4 Gb FC - 2 ports,
10 GbE - 2 ports,
1GbE - 2 ports
4 Gb FC - 4-32 ports,
10 GbE - 2-16 ports
Host Protocols VTL VTL VTL, Symantec NetBackup OST VTL, Symantec NetBackup OST
Ingest Performance Up to 2.2TB/hr Up to 4.3 TB/hr Up to 5.4 TB/hr Up to 43.2TB/hr

S2100-ES3 Enterprise Data Protection Platform

Sepaton S2100®-ES3 delivers the industry's fastest backup and restore performance and largest single system capacity to provide simple cost-effective data protection for large data volumes. Its innovative DeltaScale™  architecture enables modular scalability of performance and capacity to protect petabytes in a single system. Sepaton offers the only backup and recovery solutions specifically designed to enable large enterprises to meet stringent backup windows, restore SLAs, regulatory compliance requirements, and disaster recovery objectives.

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S2100-DS3 Branch Office Data Protection Platform

Extend the power of Sepaton's advanced data protection to the edge of your enterprise. High performance, advanced features, and byte-level deduplication. These products provide all of the enterprise-class features of our enterprise-class DS3 platform. Now enterprises can implement a enterprise-wide, hub-and-spoke backup and recovery solution by replicating between DS3 products in branch locations to DS3 products in their main data centers.

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