Sepaton is the world’s fastest enterprise backup and recovery solution – delivering the performance and scalability to manage large and growing volumes of data, meet the tightest of backup windows and assure fast recovery in the event of a failure.

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Sepaton backs up 400% faster than EMC Data Domain, scales from 24TB to 2 PB in a single system, delivers industry-leading capacity reduction and is the only technology that deduplicates multistreamed, multiplexed databases such as Oracle, DB2 and SQL Server.

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Reduce the costs and improve the efficiency of your backup environment. Assure your data protection platform delivers the performance that meets your specific enterprise requirements. Sepaton consulting services make it happen.

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More than 3,000 customers depend on Sepaton solutions to assure the safety of their critical data, including some of the largest and best-known brands in world.

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For IT organizations that manage extremely large volumes of data, Sepaton delivers the fastest, most scalable and most reliable enterprise backup and recovery solution in the world.

For IT organizations that manage extremely large volumes of data, Sepaton delivers the fastest, most scalable and most reliable enterprise backup and recovery solution in the world.


Sepaton: The world’s fastest data protection technology.

Developed specifically to ensure maximum safety of large volumes of critical data, Sepaton’s tightly integrated data protection technologies power the fastest and most scalable enterprise backup and recovery solutions in the world. Enabled by our unique DeltaScale™ data protection and ContentAware™ deduplication technologies, Sepaton delivers fast and complete backup, deduplication, replication, and restoration of even the largest databases. Sepaton’s ultra-fast, deterministic performance — up to 80 TB per hour, regardless of data type, data change rate or system capacity — provides the power to consistently meet the tightest of backup windows, the most aggressive service level agreements for restoration and the most demanding requirements for effective disaster recovery and business continuity.

DeltaScale™ technology: Pay-as-you-grow scalability.

At the heart of each Sepaton system is patented DeltaScale architecture coupled with a 64-bit Linux kernel that supports multicore CPUs working together to deliver many times faster performance than the nearest competitive appliance. Each Sepaton processing node is powered by high capacity, dual socket, six-core CPUs with the power to backup, deduplicate, replicate, and restore massive data volumes simultaneously.

Each node also provides increased buffering capacity for ingest and deduplication workloads. Dual hardware compression cards on each node effectively double the bandwidth to the arrays, further supporting increased performance.

Complementing Sepaton’s industry-leading speed, DeltaScale technology’s unequaled grid scalability and massive single system capacity lets you increase backup capacity and maintain performance as your needs grow. Use from two to as many as eight high- performance processing nodes to expand performance to as much as 80 TB per hour. Adding capacity to a Sepaton system is as simple as adding disk shelves. New capacity appears to administrators and to the backup software as a single larger-capacity disk backup target.

Cost-saving benefits of DeltaScale technology

  • Enables efficient global deduplication
  • Eliminates over-provisioning
  • Reduces system administration time
  • Cuts data center floor space, power and cooling costs
  • Eliminates system sprawl

ContentAware™ deduplication: The fastest time-to-safety.

Only Sepaton’s ContentAware™ byte-level deduplication technology assures the safety of critical data with the unequaled combination of fast backup and superior capacity reduction for very large databases.

Those databases, as well as progressive incremental backup environments such as TSM and NetBackup OST, store data in segments less than 8 KB in size. By only examining data in segments larger than 8 KB, competitors’ conventional hash-based inline deduplication processes can impede backups or leave large volumes of data undeduplicated. This results in less-than-optimum capacity reduction.

Sepaton, on the other hand, provides the fastest time to safety and superior capacity reduction by writing data to disk immediately and concurrently with its exclusive byte-level deduplication and replication. Sepaton’s unique ContentAware™ forward referencing approach to deduplication keeps the most recently backed-up data ready for immediate restores – without the delays of deduplication "rehydration."

Delivering the world’s fastest performance in backup and restoration, significant capacity reduction through more intelligent deduplication and simple yet massive scalability to grow with any environment, Sepaton technology reduces complexity, cost and risk for any enterprise needing to protect large volumes of critical data.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Reduce or Eliminate Costly Disk Pools.

    High performance lets you backup directly to Sepaton without adding costly primary disk.

  • Fastest Backup.

    Up to 80 TB per hour.

  • Massive Scalability.

    Add capacity and performance as your needs grow.

  • Higher Efficiency.

    Reduce capacity requirements with deduplication optimized for TSM.

  • Increased Reliability.

    Eliminate tape drive failures and cumbersome media management.

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