Sepaton is the world’s fastest enterprise backup and recovery solution – delivering the performance and scalability to manage large and growing volumes of data, meet the tightest of backup windows and assure fast recovery in the event of a failure.

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Sepaton backs up 400% faster than EMC Data Domain, scales from 24TB to 2 PB in a single system, delivers industry-leading capacity reduction and is the only technology that deduplicates multistreamed, multiplexed databases such as Oracle, DB2 and SQL Server.

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Reduce the costs and improve the efficiency of your backup environment. Assure your data protection platform delivers the performance that meets your specific enterprise requirements. Sepaton consulting services make it happen.

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More than 3,000 customers depend on Sepaton solutions to assure the safety of their critical data, including some of the largest and best-known brands in world.

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For IT organizations that manage extremely large volumes of data, Sepaton delivers the fastest, most scalable and most reliable enterprise backup and recovery solution in the world.

For IT organizations that manage extremely large volumes of data, Sepaton delivers the fastest, most scalable and most reliable enterprise backup and recovery solution in the world.

Key Features

Sepaton delivers the world's fastest enterprise backup and recovery solution. Key features of the Sepaton data protection platform enable the unequaled performance that allows customers to meet backup windows with confidence, recover to business as fast as possible and achieve the industry's lowest total cost of ownership.

  • High speed backup: Up to 80 TB per hour

    Sepaton backs up data at an industry-leading ingest rate of up to 80 TB per hour, regardless of data type, data change rate or system capacity. Deterministic performance provides the power needed to consistently meet aggressive backup and restore service level agreements.

  • ContentAware™ deduplication

    Sepaton's patented ContentAware™ deduplication technology delivers the fastest time to safety and most efficient capacity reduction of any solution available today. Using metadata from the backup stream, this innovative technology identifies objects (such as Word, Excel or database file) that are likely to contain duplicate data. It then examines this smaller subset of data at the byte level, achieving maximum deduplication, compression ratios, and capacity reduction.

    Unlike conventional inline deduplication solutions that replace duplicate data with pointers back to the oldest backup, Sepaton's forward referencing approach uses each new backup as the baseline for deduplication comparisons. Duplicates found in older backups are replaced with pointers forward to the most recent backup, enabling Sepaton to restore the most recent backup at wire speed – without the delays of deduplication reassembly or "rehydration." Sepaton's ContentAware deduplication also uses byte-differential comparisons to find every byte of duplicate data without the need for capacity-draining hash tables or CPU-intensive hash comparisons.

  • Multistream, multiplex deduplication

    Sepaton is the only data protection solution that can effectively deduplicate separate parallel backup streams (multistream) and across multiplexed data volumes, as required for large database environments such as Oracle, DB2 and SQL. Plus, Sepaton deduplication technology is fully user tunable to let you choose the data you want to deduplicate by server, data type or backup application.

  • Grid scalability and massive single system capacity

    Sepaton's DeltaScale™ architecture makes it easy to increase storage capacity and maintain performance as your needs grow. Simply by adding disk shelves, capacity can be expanded from 36 TB to 3.8 PB in a single easy-to-manage system. Add performance by adding processing nodes - as many as eight 5.4-TB-per-hour nodes for maximum throughput. When new processing nodes or capacity are added, they are added to the system automatically and seamlessly, appearing as a single, faster, larger-capacity disk backup target — all with no scripting, manual load balanding or additional siloed appliances required.

    • Reduces system administration time
    • Cuts data center floor space, power and cooling costs
    • Enables higher capacity reduction
    • Eliminates over-provisioning
  • Bandwidth optimized replication

    Sepaton enables fast and secure replication and transmission of massive backup volumes to remote disaster recovery sites over a wide area network. Replication is performed automatically. Advanced storage pooling allows replication according to enterprise disaster recovery policies, eliminating the need for human intervention and the potential for human error. By eliminating costly, time-consuming administration of tape media, Sepaton reduces risk and makes remote replication fast, simple, and cost effective.

  • Automated, transparent space reclamation

    Sepaton's byte differential ContentAware™ dedupliciaton reclaims storage space continuously as it operates, freeing capacity sooner and saving administration time. Unlike with inline hash-based deduplication systems, Sepaton administrators do not need to plan and schedule housecleaning or delay backups until capacity becomes available.

  • Multiprotocol support

    Sepaton supports all leading backup applications — including Tivoli Storage Manager, NetBackup, NetWorker and Data Protector — as well as NetBackup OST features such as Auto Image Replication (A.I.R.), Optimized Synthetic Backups, GRT and NetBackup Accelerator. Sepaton gives you the flexibility to back up and deduplicate data using both NetBackup OpenStorage (OST) on 1- and 10-Gb Ethernet and tape emulation on Fibre Channel.

  • Advanced dashboard and reporting

    Sepaton's DeltaView Manager and the system management console provide administrators fingertip access to configuration, control and monitoring of day-to-day operations across all Sepaton appliances. DeltaView Manager tracks all physical components of the Sepaton system, including servers, switches, storage and more. Managers gain visibility into detailed reporting, including a centralized view of backup completion, deduplication efficiency, capacity growth, and replication status. Consolidated reporting includes usage reports for chargeback and trending reports for capacity and performance planning. Secure Erasure option provides auditable proof of data destruction.

    An intuitive wizard-driven graphical user interface guides users through all common management tasks, such as setting up a Sepaton system or adding storage or processing nodes. Administrators never have to worry about RAID levels, stripe size management, cache settings or other complexities. Sepaton software automatically brings added storage online, configures devices to their optimal settings and incorporates the new storage into the system for immediate utilization.

  • Advanced storage pooling

    Sepaton's advanced storage pooling allows data from multiple clients, departments, or applications to be stored in separate storage pools, each configured to specific policies. IT personnel can create discrete volumes of storage pools within a single Sepaton system and assign each pool its own deduplication configuration, replication priority, backup policies and backup application. Sepaton maintains each storage pool's data in isolation, while enabling all storage pools to be managed from a single, unified management console.

  • Secure Multi-tenancy

    DeltaScale architecture's secure multi-tenancy capability allows data managers to allocate performance, capacity bandwidth and quality of service as needed by their enterprise's various segments, departments and business units. Sepaton ensures secure partitioning between tenant storage pools as well as independent QoS provisioning, management functionality and chargeback reporting.

  • Encryption of Data at Rest (Licensed Option)

    Unlike competing solutions, Sepaton encrypts data at rest while maintaining its blazing fast time to safety and industry-leading backup performance. Sepaton S2100-ES3's encryption of data at rest capability integrates with industry standard interoperability protocols for encryption key managers (EKM) that are compliant with industry-standard Organization for the Advancementof Structured Information Standards (OASIS) Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP), enabling enterprises and government agencies to take advantage of interoperability across encryption and key management systems. The S2100-ES3 series 2925 is currently fully qualified with the RSA DPM and Thales e-Security keyAuthority 4.0 appliances.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Up to 80 TB per hour.
  • Massive Scalability.

    Add capacity and performance as your needs grow.

  • Higher Efficiency.

    Reduce capacity requirements with deduplication optimized for enterprises.

  • Increased Reliability.

    Eliminate tape drive failures and cumbersome media management.

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