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One of our customers, a very large natural gas company is a Symantec NetBackup user with huge data volumes to protect. Like many Symantec customers, they see the advantages of Symantec’s OST products and have started a migration process from their current NBU deployment.

Change is constant in large enterprises and they appreciate the value of systems and technologies that can accommodate change with minimal cost or upheaval to ongoing operations. As this company moves its backup from a NetBackup environment with Fiber Channel attached SAN storage to a NetBackup/OST environment with 10 Gigabit Ethernet, the need for a scalable disk based data protection platform with multiprotocol flexibility is acute. Instead of adding multiple bounded appliances and dividing their backup volumes between them, they are using a flexible, scalable appliance that uses storage pooling technology to separate their NBU and OST environments. The platform allows them to add compute and storage resources to their environments as needed and to migrate from one protocol to the other in a seamless, risk-free way.

Flexibility and agility goes a long, long way in large enterprises.